Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday - SP ishtyle !!

Those of us who were in a hostel during graduation have an experience of celebrating the birthdays with GPL. But for those who were at home previous to SP were introduced to a completely novel and 'Traditional SP ' style of celebrating a birthday!

It begins with a mailer sent out by the innocent roomie who is also sacrificed in the altar of the B'day balcony! Some privileged take the Balcony position ! The improvisation brought out by my batch was the unexpected showers of water on the hapless . Anyone venturing out of protective shade inevitably has a midnight bath.

It begins with a grand GPL session to both the budday boy and his roomie(s). Proceeding to the traditional birthday song .. sometimes with improvisation by guys like Debojit.

It proceeds with the traditional splattering of cake and followed by a pursuit with the hunted now becoming the hunters and anyone coming in the way is smeared with a not so yummy flavor of the cheaper version of the birthday cake!

Its followed by the most important event of the ceremony - The top 5 !

It ends with a traditional SP dance and rest is upto the imagination of the crowd gathered there ... it can range from things innocent to the wildest !

PS: There are only faint indicators of what happens in the GH. Though it is much simpler and easier on the eves !

Laying the Foundation !

The first class began with a Micro Eco class with Preeta ma'am and continued with a swashbuckling opening class in QM by SD.

The rest of foundation continued with 'Marginal utility' and various kinds of graphs .. the subject turned out to be interesting.

QM continued with esoteric concepts which few of us could decode. Things were slightly complicated by the surprise quizzes .. popularly known as 'The Bus' initially and later as 'Kala Bandar' after a now famous mail by a classmate! Despite skipping many a lunch in the end we were greeted by a 'Smiley' :-)

FA began with a game of monopoly which was fun to play .. but preparing the Balance sheet in the end was a pain! Even after the entire first year i never managed to balance it a single time .. not even in the End term !

The highlight of the Foundation was 'Learning management' where all of us were wondering about 'Why MBA' ? !! not forgetting the notorious Yellow Book ! ;)

Since many of us were not accustomed to this routine .. initially we found it a bit grilling .. but after we 'Rose above the worries about grades' ... life became a little easier !

waking till 2 -3 AM became a norm .. and if i sleep before 1 AM .. there's a guilty feeling that im wasting time ! i would rather roam around than sleep early .. as if doing that is unholy in a B School .

the one exception is my roomie who hits the bed blissfully after 12 ! ( The fact that he wakes up by the time i retire to sleep is a different issue )

It also marked the begining of the series of internal SP gossip newsletter
- ' Khaulti Khabrein' by Desi !

n yeah there was an ice breaking session with the seniors in the institute ... and we learnt the Typical SP lingo and ... the ranting of PGP PGP PGP 1 !

This was the aftermath pic:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The begining !

Well... i have a work experience of 2 years at C.S.C .. i was an SAP ABAP consultant. My responsibilities included understanding business requirements of clients and translate them into technical documents and implementing them in ECC version of R/3 SAP. (Ahem .. whatever that means..that's what i write in my resume :) )

After 2 years of fun and work, and twice coming close to getting into a 'top' b School in India... i made it !

I landed in Dadar Rly station and was enquiring for SPJIMR . No one even had a clue about it! Then i vaguely remembered one of my friend suggesting i ask for 'Bhavan's college' .. and damn every one knew it ! I caught a taxi and assured my self that i won't be tricked.

When i got down the taxi guy showed me a myraid of charts and extracted 550 Rs from me. I said Phew Mumbai is expensive ! It took only 3 hours to realise i had overpaid him by 150 %. (so what's his ROI .. ?)

The day began with registration process and lonnnnnnnng wait to get the certificates verified. Then slowly dragged myself to hostel room. Well the rooms are not much to talk about ... but there's a lake view from my room!

This is one of the first pics i clicked from my camera on the campus. As the night dawned ( the word dusked doesn't exist .. does it ?) .. a lot of things happened.
It's an SP secret not to be told to anyone outside!

A lot of things happened over the course of next 2 days .. which again im not supposed to reveal!

Finally we got a rousing welcome from our seniors in a traditional SP - ishtyle!!
The days as PGP -1 in Division 'A' begin....

Random musings

Well i am beginning the posts late but atleast i decided that i will! All of have heard the adage that its better late than never!

One day my friend Shabda said 'If the entire communications engineering course (im an ece engineer by the way) can be summed up in a sinusoid. Then the entire MBA can be summed up in a 2 X 2 matrix'.

I realised that he is perfectly right. The only thing that separates MBA from others is that wee have managed to put a complicated name to the most common sensical things in life.

Everything has to use a framework, or a methodology , or a specified path .. or atleast ... a 2 X 2 matrix. One day while chatting we got enthusiastic and said hey lets take another step and make it a 3 X 3 matrix and become immortal in the management world!

Alas some guys have already done that.... forget their names.. but yeah its been done too!

So im going to recount my PGDM program at SPJIMR, Mumbai we go !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jet .. Set ... GO !!!

Yippie im in mumbai and ... im in a reputed B-School .. already a week has gone by .. it has been so hectic and eventful that i didnt even get time to take a deep breath .. so i would be ufolding those events as time goes by @ SPJIMR , Mumbai .

its begining of a new life - mostly because of the oppurtunities that are opened and potential the program holds .. it began with a lot of ambitions and plans ..let's see .. till then fasten your seat belts .. getting ready for TAKE OFF !!!!!!!!