Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The begining !

Well... i have a work experience of 2 years at C.S.C .. i was an SAP ABAP consultant. My responsibilities included understanding business requirements of clients and translate them into technical documents and implementing them in ECC version of R/3 SAP. (Ahem .. whatever that means..that's what i write in my resume :) )

After 2 years of fun and work, and twice coming close to getting into a 'top' b School in India... i made it !

I landed in Dadar Rly station and was enquiring for SPJIMR . No one even had a clue about it! Then i vaguely remembered one of my friend suggesting i ask for 'Bhavan's college' .. and damn every one knew it ! I caught a taxi and assured my self that i won't be tricked.

When i got down the taxi guy showed me a myraid of charts and extracted 550 Rs from me. I said Phew Mumbai is expensive ! It took only 3 hours to realise i had overpaid him by 150 %. (so what's his ROI .. ?)

The day began with registration process and lonnnnnnnng wait to get the certificates verified. Then slowly dragged myself to hostel room. Well the rooms are not much to talk about ... but there's a lake view from my room!

This is one of the first pics i clicked from my camera on the campus. As the night dawned ( the word dusked doesn't exist .. does it ?) .. a lot of things happened.
It's an SP secret not to be told to anyone outside!

A lot of things happened over the course of next 2 days .. which again im not supposed to reveal!

Finally we got a rousing welcome from our seniors in a traditional SP - ishtyle!!
The days as PGP -1 in Division 'A' begin....

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