Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday - SP ishtyle !!

Those of us who were in a hostel during graduation have an experience of celebrating the birthdays with GPL. But for those who were at home previous to SP were introduced to a completely novel and 'Traditional SP ' style of celebrating a birthday!

It begins with a mailer sent out by the innocent roomie who is also sacrificed in the altar of the B'day balcony! Some privileged take the Balcony position ! The improvisation brought out by my batch was the unexpected showers of water on the hapless . Anyone venturing out of protective shade inevitably has a midnight bath.

It begins with a grand GPL session to both the budday boy and his roomie(s). Proceeding to the traditional birthday song .. sometimes with improvisation by guys like Debojit.

It proceeds with the traditional splattering of cake and followed by a pursuit with the hunted now becoming the hunters and anyone coming in the way is smeared with a not so yummy flavor of the cheaper version of the birthday cake!

Its followed by the most important event of the ceremony - The top 5 !

It ends with a traditional SP dance and rest is upto the imagination of the crowd gathered there ... it can range from things innocent to the wildest !

PS: There are only faint indicators of what happens in the GH. Though it is much simpler and easier on the eves !

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