Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random musings

Well i am beginning the posts late but atleast i decided that i will! All of have heard the adage that its better late than never!

One day my friend Shabda said 'If the entire communications engineering course (im an ece engineer by the way) can be summed up in a sinusoid. Then the entire MBA can be summed up in a 2 X 2 matrix'.

I realised that he is perfectly right. The only thing that separates MBA from others is that wee have managed to put a complicated name to the most common sensical things in life.

Everything has to use a framework, or a methodology , or a specified path .. or atleast ... a 2 X 2 matrix. One day while chatting we got enthusiastic and said hey lets take another step and make it a 3 X 3 matrix and become immortal in the management world!

Alas some guys have already done that.... forget their names.. but yeah its been done too!

So im going to recount my PGDM program at SPJIMR, Mumbai we go !

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