Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laying the Foundation !

The first class began with a Micro Eco class with Preeta ma'am and continued with a swashbuckling opening class in QM by SD.

The rest of foundation continued with 'Marginal utility' and various kinds of graphs .. the subject turned out to be interesting.

QM continued with esoteric concepts which few of us could decode. Things were slightly complicated by the surprise quizzes .. popularly known as 'The Bus' initially and later as 'Kala Bandar' after a now famous mail by a classmate! Despite skipping many a lunch in the end we were greeted by a 'Smiley' :-)

FA began with a game of monopoly which was fun to play .. but preparing the Balance sheet in the end was a pain! Even after the entire first year i never managed to balance it a single time .. not even in the End term !

The highlight of the Foundation was 'Learning management' where all of us were wondering about 'Why MBA' ? !! not forgetting the notorious Yellow Book ! ;)

Since many of us were not accustomed to this routine .. initially we found it a bit grilling .. but after we 'Rose above the worries about grades' ... life became a little easier !

waking till 2 -3 AM became a norm .. and if i sleep before 1 AM .. there's a guilty feeling that im wasting time ! i would rather roam around than sleep early .. as if doing that is unholy in a B School .

the one exception is my roomie who hits the bed blissfully after 12 ! ( The fact that he wakes up by the time i retire to sleep is a different issue )

It also marked the begining of the series of internal SP gossip newsletter
- ' Khaulti Khabrein' by Desi !

n yeah there was an ice breaking session with the seniors in the institute ... and we learnt the Typical SP lingo and ... the ranting of PGP PGP PGP 1 !

This was the aftermath pic:

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